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PostSubject: Taylor,William   Taylor,William EmptyWed Nov 11, 2009 6:22 pm

BirthName: Taylor Allison Songbird ( my real name lol well the first name and middle name.YAy!!! youll also notice that my cousin's stepsister has the same name)
Nicknames: TayTay,Tay
Age: 16
Location: Countryside but really is a princess ( lol)
Breed: Hybred Human ( meaning a human that was taken in a lab and random stuff)
Weight: 87 pounds
Height: 6'
Sex: Female
Mate: Mate? Nay thanks. Shes never dated in her life. ( too much of a tomboy)
~Physical Description~
Hair type-Like taylor Swift's hair. Sometimes in a ponytail
Skin Type-flawless
Voice- Musical especially when she sings.
Skin Color- White,pretty tan
Hair Color- blonde think Taylor Swift's hair color lol
Eyes- Blue that sorta changes depending on the light
Ect.- likes boots, skater shoes and converse
Scars,or Tatoos- Scars from the farm
Usually wearing-t-shirt,well-weorn jeans. sneakers that are a fadded blue. Can be wearing, a blue blouse and new jeans, and cowboy boots
~Mental Description~
Kindness level- Eh... ok with others. Very good with her family and her friends
Aggression Level- High, shes the one always hanign with guys for that reason
Intelligence- Average. Great with farm smarts though and nautral things
Strength- Very strong from working on the farm all her life and doing the chores boys do. Also even stronger because shes a hybred
Speed- very fast because of her hybredness
Humor- Youll find out
Hygiene- Ok sometimes but not crazy with other stuff
Dislikes- anyone that thinks girls cant be all they can, Peopl hurting her guitar. Prissy girls, People teasing her lil brother
Fears- nothing so far...
Other: Holds a secret dread in her heart but no one knows of it
Sings very well. Great songwriter. The fastest runner and climer in all of her village also the best fighter
This character based off of: My book that i wrote
This character designed by: Me, Myself and I
Birth name- William Anthony Smith
Nicknames- Will
Age- 17
Location- Next door to Tay's aunt's farm. His apartment is right next to Tay
Breed- Human/ a little hybred
Weight- 100 lbs
Height- 6'5''
Sex- Male
Mate- None
~Physical Description~
Hair type- Straight and like Tay's little brother's
Skin Type- Like Ty
Voice- liek Ty
Skin Color- Like ty
Hair Color- Blondish Brown
Eyes- FOrest Green
Ect.- A natural farm boy as well.
Scars,or Tatoos- Scars from falling, being pecked and stuff
~Mental Description~
Kindness level- Like Tay
Aggression Level: Like Tay
Itelligence: Great at school and natural. also good at farm stuff
Strength- Like Tay
Speed- Like Tay
Humor- Youll see =p
Hygiene- Like Ty
Dislikes- People who bug Ty...Other stuff
Fears- ummm dunno
Great at Guitar,piano,drums,percussion instraments
This character based off of: My best friend (shhhh no talking about the falling part. Hes horribly a clutz)
This character designed by: Me
This character originally played by: my Best friend
Thier pet

Name: Apollo
Gender: Male
age: young adult
breed: Wolf/Hawk
Eyes: Light blue
Coat Color: true wolf grey
Appearance: a regular wolf that is faster than light and more powerful than a vampire
Other: can grow and shift into anything, is usally called with a ice whistle that only works if Will or Taylor allows someone or if it is them

Taylor is always carying this guitar :
Taylor,William MainImageTSwift

Will is always carrying this one: ( The real one also has this guitar lol)
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