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 Hollistar, TearStar, FlameSword, WaterStar

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Hollistar, TearStar, FlameSword, WaterStar Empty
PostSubject: Hollistar, TearStar, FlameSword, WaterStar   Hollistar, TearStar, FlameSword, WaterStar EmptyWed Nov 11, 2009 6:18 pm

Name: Hollistar
Breed: unknown. Slightly like a Arabian/Thoroughbred/Spanish Purebred look though
Height: 17 HH
Gender: Female
Age: 4 years
Coat Color: Pure white with a black marking showing the element of fire
Mane&Tail Color: White
Personality: Strong and Cunning. She can be nice, but only at her chosen times
History: She hails from a large herd once called the HighLandes, the herd was attacked and she was taken prisoner. She survived the horrible toture they did, but when she went back to her herd's lands, she saw fire spreading across it like a monster. She was only a yearling and she watched her land disappear into the mouth of the fire monster. From that day on, she somehow got a marking and cant be burned. She travels and is looking for a home to stay at.She had three other sisters, but they were lost in the flames. Little did she know that they survived. She met another group and started a relationship with Sky. But Sky left her for another problem and now she prefers to be alone.
Markings: Black mark shaped like fire on her rump
Specialty: Cant be burned and when extremley mad, she can start a flame. Seems to glow, shadow is red colored. Deamon is the same

Deamon name: FlameSword
Deamon gender: male
Deamon Breed: Tiger
Appearence: Bright red main coat with brick red stripes. Eyes are Amber colored. Has a Gold star on forehead.
name: TearStar
Gender: Female
Breed:Same as sister
Height: 17 HH
Age: 4
Coat Color: Greyish Blue with silver spots, extremely graceful looks and is beautiful. has a Dark blue mark showing the element water
Mane and Tail Color: Breyish Blue
Personality: Calm and peaceful... can e like her sister at times ut usually is the opposite.
History: She hails from a large herd once called the HighLandes, the herd was attacked and she was taken prisoner. She was taken in the opposite direction of her sister. She was thrown into the ocean but somehow she survived. From the day forward, she was changed from the white color to a blue color and has the mark water.
Specialty: Controls element Water. HAs a light silvery glow. Can pass through things as long as there is water monocues in thm ( which almost everything does) can teleport but brings a storm wherever they land.

deamon Name: WaterStar
Breed: Orcelot/Swan
Appearance: Regular ocelot look ut the colors are ddifferent shades of blue. She has wigns that look like a swan's
Name: Tyron
Gender: Male
Breed: Mustang/thougroughbred
Hieght: 17 HH
Age: ummmm 3
Coat Color: a light bay
Mane and Tail: Black
History: Youll find out MUHAAHAHA lol
Specialty: influence the emotions of those around him

Deamon Name: Alex
Breed: Whire Ferret
Appearence: a snowy white ferret that usually has red paws and a red mouth from eating berries
Hollistar, TearStar, FlameSword, WaterStar Awesome-White-Ferret-ferrets-1136757_640_705
Name: Artemis ( lol the greek goddes of hunt)
Gender: Female
Breed: Grey wolf
Height: uh normal?
Age: young adult ( forever! dundundun)
Coat: Pure white silver
Markings: none of particular, youll know its her when you see her
History: Related to Zues, Athena, Aphrodroite, and of course Artemis
Specialty: Hunting... and has a silver moonlike glow around her. She is also very wise and can ring a lightning olt to you
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Hollistar, TearStar, FlameSword, WaterStar
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