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 Treecy,Tato,and Billie Taylor

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Treecy,Tato,and Billie Taylor Empty
PostSubject: Treecy,Tato,and Billie Taylor   Treecy,Tato,and Billie Taylor EmptySat Oct 24, 2009 3:29 am

(Oh,hi!I just thought you could use a few extra humans.Here goes!)
Birth name- Treecy Teater Taylor
Age- 17
Location- She travels with her brothers,never staying anywhere very long.Was born in the small town of Oakdale,Randomplaceville(xD)
Weight- 87
Height- 5'4"
Sex- Female
Mate- None,Loads of ex's though

~Physical Description~
Hair type-straight,sits just below her shoulders
Skin Type-smooth,actualy very clean
Voice- Low,like a boy's,squeaky when sad
Skin Color- White,pretty tan
Hair Color- black
Eyes- piercing green
Ect.- likes maskera,eye shadow,anything that goes around her eyes.belly button,lip,and tongue pierced
Scars,or Tatoos- Lots of tatoos.I'll post some at the bottom.There are more than I want to post,so I only put a few of her tattoos.
Usually wearing-t-shirt,bellbottom jeans,worn-out bright green converse when not barefoot

~Mental Description~
Kindness level- Good with friends,not so much with strangers
Aggression Level- Low,has had a few fist-fights.Call her emo...well, do you want to be murdered in your sleep?
Intelligence- Average,street-smarts not book-smarts.Knows woods/forest extremely well
Strength- Very strong from 11 years of tree climbing
Speed- fast on ground,uncatchable in trees
Humor- Loves a good laugh,could call her a prankster
Hygiene- hates showers!She's always up for a cool,relaxing bath in a stream deep in the woods though

Dislikes- anyone that cuts trees down,anyone that messes with her brothers
Fears- not much...

Talks to animals,Doesn't like being on the ground,AMAZING tree climber

This character based off of: My imagination ! <3
This character designed by:Me!
This character originally played by:ME!!!

Birth name- Tato Nash Taylor
Age- 17
Location- Same as Treecy
Weight- 124
Height- 5'8"
Sex- Male
Mate- None

~Physical Description~
Hair type-Short,Spiky,
Skin Type- Clean,occasional pimple
Voice- deep,like those teens in movies!<3
Skin Color- white,tanned though
Hair Color- Dark brown/black
Eyes- Light blue...ish
Ect.- lip and tongue pierced
Scars,or Tatoos- one tattoo,at bottom
Usually wearing- loose t-shirt,tight jeans

~Mental Description~
Kindness level- good natured.Just don't make fun of his family.
Aggression Level- "EMO!"=death.That simple.
Intelligence- Street smart,not book smart
Strength- almost as strong as Treecy,not quite though
Speed- same as strenghth^^^
Humor- extreme prankster!
Hygiene- Pretty clean,hates his hair wet

Dislikes- his hair wet,getting busted,his family teased
Fears- losing his family

Treecy is better than him.Period.And he knows it.

This character based off of: My imagination!
This character designed by:Me!
This character originally played by:ME!!!

Birth name- Billie Joe Taylor
Nicknames- Billie,Tieboy
Age- 18
Location- Same as Treecy
Weight- 127
Height- 5'7"
Sex- Male
Mate- None...amazingly

~Physical Description~
Hair type-Short,spiky
Skin Type- smooth,flawless
Voice- Like Billie Joe Armstrong's...sings like him too
Skin Color- white,tanned
Hair Color- black
Eyes- Brown
Scars,or Tatoos- Google them.I'm too lazy to.
Usually wearing- What he is in the pic.Classic red tie,hence the nickname

~Mental Description~
Kindness level- Very kind if you get to know him
Aggression Level- Better call Juvie.
Intelligence- Like Treecy
Strength- Alot,not as much as Treecy
Speed- Very fast,easily keeps pace with Tato
Hygiene- Likes to keep clean."DON'T TOUCH MY GUITAR WITH YOUR GRUBBY LITTLE FINGERS YOU PIG!",as he once said.

Dislikes- His guitar being dirty
Fears- His guitar being stolen

Loves to sing and play guitar.Never goes anywhere without his guitar.Seceretly has a stack of guitars saved up.He has hidden them somewhere unfindable.

This character based off of: Billie Joe Armstrong,The Hottest Guy On Earth
This character designed by: Billie's Parents?!?!?
This character originally played by: ME!!!

Treecy and some of her tatoos:
Treecy,Tato,and Billie Taylor Gallery_59390_41_21577Treecy,Tato,and Billie Taylor Tattoo12
Treecy,Tato,and Billie Taylor Tiger-lily-tattoo-lTreecy,Tato,and Billie Taylor 2222866989_e58941d524 Treecy,Tato,and Billie Taylor Peafowl Treecy,Tato,and Billie Taylor Perfect-Chinese-Tattoo-

Tato and his one tattoo:
Treecy,Tato,and Billie Taylor Gallery_53550_42_27415Treecy,Tato,and Billie Taylor Dragon_Full_Back_Tattoo-m

Billie.You can google all his tattoos if you wanna.I'm too lazy.xD
Treecy,Tato,and Billie Taylor 2127632587_afa6425c5e
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Treecy,Tato,and Billie Taylor
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