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 Cassidy Morell

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PostSubject: Cassidy Morell   Cassidy Morell EmptyFri Oct 16, 2009 12:01 am

Birth name- Cassidy Morell
Nicknames- Cassie
Age- 18
Location- Originally florida, but she travels ALOT!
Breed(Vampire, human, ect)-shapeshifter
Weight- 97 lbs
Height- 5ft 6in
Sex- Female
Mate(Husband, wife, boyfriend, girlfriend)-
~Physical Description~
Hair type- Curly and long
Skin Type- Clear and smooth
Voice- Sweet but tough
Skin Color- Slightly tanned
Hair Color- Black with Bright orange, green, and pink tips
Eyes- Blue
Ect.(Freckles, a mole, stuff)-
Scars, or Tatoos- Tatoo of a 4 leaf-clover on her shoulder
Usually wearing(Clothing type)- Tank and jeans with her half-chaps
~Mental Description~
Kindness level- Sweet
Aggression Level- Competitive
Intelligence- Quick thinker
Strength- Strong
Speed- Okay runner, great jockey
Humor- Fun-loving, lives on the edge
Hygiene- Always clean
Dislikes- Spiders, jerks, people who dont like her, and people who are full of themselves
Fears- Getting her horses hurt
This character based off of: My friend cassie
This character designed by: me
This character originally played by: me
except her eyes are blue...
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Cassidy Morell
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