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 Arrow, Ripple, Jaybell, Shadow.

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Arrow, Ripple, Jaybell, Shadow. Empty
PostSubject: Arrow, Ripple, Jaybell, Shadow.   Arrow, Ripple, Jaybell, Shadow. EmptyThu Oct 15, 2009 12:32 am

Main Color:brown
Other Colors:black stripe down his back and black legs
Height: 3 feet tall and 3 1/2 feet long
Mate:none yet
Eyes: brown eyes, and as they go in ward to the pupil it goes lighter until it is a honey suckle color.
Leader of pack: None yet, he needs to find a mate.

Main Color:light gray
Other Colors: black ripples through her coat
Gender: she-wolf
Height: 3 feet tall and 3 feet long
Mate:none yet but wants one badly
Eyes:Amber color and its gets darker as you get to the pupil
Leader of pack?: no its a she-wolf

Name:JayBell (jshay-bell)
Main Color:honey suckle color
Other Colors:a couple black splots along her stomach
Gender:she wolf
Height: 3ft tall 3 feet long
Eyes: choclate brown, and it goes to a light tan by the end when it meets to the pupil
Leader of pack?: no its a she-wolf

Main Color: Black
Other Colors: gray does intertwine with the black if you look close enough
Gender: he-wolf
Height: 3.10 feet tall 3feet long
Eyes: black, that go light to a silver when it meets the pupil
Leader of pack?: no its a loner
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Arrow, Ripple, Jaybell, Shadow.
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