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 Satan, Cerberus, and Personal Ensign

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PostSubject: Satan, Cerberus, and Personal Ensign   Mon Oct 05, 2009 9:31 pm

Name: Satan
Breed: Arabian And Thoroughbred Mix
Height: 18 hands
Gender: Mare
Age: 1000 years (immortal, though can be killed)
Coat Color: Pitch Black, darker then night
Mane&Tail Color: Darker then her coat, amazeling
Personality: Stuck up, bitching. You know the drill, this is SATAN where talking about. Though she can be kind when she feels like it. She also hates studs, so don't try to be her mate or get a kick in the guts.
History: Not saying a word, though her parents are apache and hades.
Markings: A red lightning bolt on chest
Specialty: SPeed and immortality

Name: Personal Ensign
Breed: Thoroughbred
Height: 17 hands
Gender: Filly
Age: 2
Coat Color:Bay
Mane&Tail Color: Black
Personality: Sweet, timid, and shy. She loves running and being on the track.
History: Not saying
Markings: black socks, muzzle, ears
Specialty; Running

Name: Cerberus
Breed: Thoroughbred and Arabian mix
Height: 19 hands
Gender: Stud
Age: 1500 (Vampire horse)
Coat Color: Deep, blood chesnut
Mane&Tail Color: Color like the sun
Personality: Mean, aggressive, no merciful. He hates everyone and everything but loves to sire half vampire half mortal colts and fillies.
History: Not saying. Cousin to Satan
Markings: White socks
Specialty: Forcing mares
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Satan, Cerberus, and Personal Ensign
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