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PostSubject: Rules-blaaaah   Rules-blaaaah EmptyMon Aug 31, 2009 1:38 am

Game Rules

So the game rules are important, if you don't follow the rules with a * on it then you will automatically be banned, other wise you get 2 warnings.

**Do NOT tell you name, number, or address! This is not a dating site, and you wouldn't want to go meet someone and end up being killed right? Please also remember that this IS a family friendly site, so please if you are going to put something up that some viewers may not want to read put up a {W} for warning, Smile thanks. And please, we don't want to know that your cat just had kittens on somebody else topic or yours so please keep that in messages.

Horse Rules

Please remember that you cannot give birth until your horse is two, and that you cannot play your character if you haven't done the character fill outs. If you want a herd tell me because you need to tell me soon, I want to figure out something for herds but don't know what so if you have any ideas please tell me Smile

Wolf Rules

Please remember that if you are a wolf that there is no super-wolf, it has to be normal. Werewolves have there own section, so no they can't go there. You need to do character fill outs so here it is.

Main Color:
Other Colors:
Leader of pack?:

Just copy and paste.

Human Rules

Human rules are simple, just don't do anything bad, otherwise you can do anything.

Hair Color:
Eye Color:
Skin Color:

Vampire Rules
They are the same as human, but they can be different types like it can be fast, or it can be strong, it can be agile, or it can be silent. The fill outs are the same as humans.

Werewolf Rules

Same as humans and Vampires
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